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Becoming Tax-Free

For 250 years this has been a key tool for the world’s most wealthy families to dramatically increase tax-free assets.

  • Learn why the rich have kept this secret!
  • Discover massive tax-free wealth generation tools that can be self-funding.

Scroll down to learn more and set your interview time.

There will only be 15 showcases presented in the book.

WFG - Becoming Tax-Free - 400x640

About The Book

Take a few minutes to explore the powerful benefits of the Infinite Bank Strategy.

Which benefits are best for you and your family?

How do you structure them?

This is the book that will answer those questions and more.

The Infinite Bank Strategy is a well-kept secret that’s 250 years old. Used by the wealthiest of families who are educated on transferring massive tax-free wealth to future generations.

Tools that not only create massive growth in estate value, it also allows lifetime tax-free income.

Set a time below that’s best for you.

Remember: There is no cost in any way, no obligation or commitment on your behalf.

Part 1: 15-minute Zoom Overview:

  • We’ll review 22 major benefits of the Infinite Bank Strategy.
  • If you like what you hear, we then set a time for the interview.

Part 2: 30-minute Zoom Interview:

  • Here I ask generic questions about your situation and you share only the information you’re comfortable with.
  • After the interview, we will then create a hypothetical proposal outlining this strategy’s positive impact on your current and future estate. This is reviewed with you on another short Zoom call.
  • With your approval, this proposal would be used as a case study in the book. We will of course change any personally-identifying information to protect your privacy.
  • Your education will be priceless! You get to witness what most business owners never learn.

I know you’re going to love it!

Genevieve Singh-Hanzlick

We’ll be presenting 15 case studies showing the hypothetical application of these tools and the positive impact on the current estate and future generations.

Names and identifying information will be changed to ensure privacy.